What is a Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual coach is a coach that helps you transform your life. 

Spiritual Coaches work on all levels Physical, Mental, Emotional and Etheric. Spiritual Coaches work on all levels to bring about positive change in the world. 

Spiritual Coaches are Catalyst for Transformation.

What is a Spiritual Coaching and Healing session?


We look at why you are here and what we will work on together to bring you into alignment with your divine Self.  

We use energy healing techniques to begin healing that which is holding you back. Through Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment, Sound Healing and Crystal Healing we will work together to heal the physical, mental and emotional wounds that are holding you back from becoming the best version of you today.

Spiritual Coaching and Healing


A Spiritual Coach is a coach that helps you transform your life. Spiritual Coaches work on all levels Physical, Mental, Emotional and Etheric. Spiritual Coaches work on these deeper levels to bring about positive change in the world. They live by the practices that they teach their clients. 

During a coaching session you may work on generational patterns, social imprinting or the limiting beliefs that you have built around you. A Spiritual Coach helps to shift your beliefs about worth. To heal, you must first know that you are worthy of all the magnificence that the Universe has available to you. 


Spiritual Coaches help you find the tools to be the best version of you today. They show you how to work with the laws of the universe to manifest your dreams and desires. Spiritual Coaches live by the beliefs they are teaching. They can show you how to be the Alchemist of your own life. Your commitment is the desire to bring forth the best version of you today. 

Working with a Spiritual Coach is not a one time session, you will be encouraged to commit to multiple sessions after our initial session. This may be 3 months, 6 months or even longer. We will work at your pace and within your budget, keeping in mind, prosperity consciousness.  


We begin by looking into your behaviors, habits and goals. We look at your belief system; generational beliefs, societies beliefs and your spiritual beliefs. 

We look at why you are here and what we will work on together to bring you into alignment with your divine blueprint. We will access the Akashic Records to see your divine blueprint and the source of your own personal power. We will identify your personal power and how to help you move into this new space of being. 

We will identify the beliefs that are limiting your full potential. After we identify your limiting beliefs, the societal beliefs that you are programed to and your generational imprints and beliefs, we begin to go deeper and to form an action plan to shift these belief systems. 


We use energy healing techniques to begin healing that which is holding you back. Through Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment, Sound Healing and Crystal Healing we will work together to heal the physical, mental and emotional that are holding you back from becoming the best version of you today. 

During a session we will spend time on the healing table, we do this by entering the relaxation zone. We will be removing cords, clearing and balancing the chakras. Reconnecting you to your divine self, as we reconnect to the divine self, we may have to recover fragments of self that have been hidden for years. We look into the past to help you heal in the present moment. You will begin to understand that your focus should be only on the present moment. 


The results of Spiritual Coaching and Healing may look like miracles to many people, these “miracles” were preprogrammed before you incarnated, and they are the building blocks to our highest potential. This is a reunion of the divine into your daily life, you must be open and willing to do the work, your spiritual coach can give you the keys, you must unlock the doors. 

Your sessions will help you move into the place of pure potentiality, knowing that you are worthy of manifesting your dreams and desires and not just accepting life as it is. 


By understanding yourself and the world around you as a spiritual being; can help manifest the life that you were always meant to live. You may discover that your life is a life of service and you too may desire to become a spiritual coach. Spiritual Coaching and Healing can reveal your true-life purpose and clear the limiting beliefs and energetic blockages that are keeping you from becoming that better version of you.

You will begin to see that all of your life experiences led you to this point, you will know that each life event was a choice point, and the choices that you made have brought you to this time and place. There may be past life bleed-through that is affecting you today, we will identify and work on healing the past life bleed-through.  This is all to help you be the best version of you today.


Why work with a spiritual coach?

A Spiritual Coach can hep you move into being the creator of your life, how you may ask? You will learn tools to move you from the victim, rescuer, perpetrator triangle. You will learn that every choice was a choice of your making, you will know that you are responsible for the energy that you bring into the waking world. A spiritual Coach will help you understand the importance of acceptance and they will help you move away from judgment. You will learn to identify the archetypes active in your life at this moment.

The world is going through many major shifts and realignments, waking up to a new age. We (humans) are here to take part in these shifts and realignments, we are all waking up and it can be scary and difficult to navigate without a guide. A Spiritual Coach can be that guide to help you wake-up and move into your highest potential. 

A spiritual Coach can help you gain an understanding of Soul and the journey of the Soul. We are more than the physical body that we inhabit and gaining self-mastery is the key to opening up to our highest potential. Knowing that you are a soul experiencing life as a human, can shift many things within our lives. 


Some of the reasons you may seek a Spiritual Coach. 

  1. You are living a life of lack
  2. You have a chronic illness
  3. You know there is more to life
  4. A loved one may have birthed into spirit
  5. You are not happy in your current relationship
  6. You don’t fit in with your friends anymore
  7. You feel lost
  8. You don’t like who you have become
  9. Your friends and family don’t know you anymore
  10. You want more from life
  11. You don’t feel safe talking to others about your beliefs
  12. You are having vivid dreams about the past and the future
  13. You feel the pain of the world and everyone around you
  14. You’ve had a near death experience and don’t understand the changes happening to you 

These and many other reasons could be leading you to wanting a spiritual coach.


A Spiritual Coach is here to help you, they are here to listen, they are here to help you heal and grow in every area of your life. They are the guide you have been seeking since the moment you incarnated, they are here to show you how to manage the human condition and be the best version of you today.

A spiritual coach helps you know that you are the creator of your life, by working with a spiritual coach you become an active creator and move away from being a reactive creator.

Working with a spiritual coach is deep work and takes a full commitment from you to be an active participant. Together we will identify and remove the negative beliefs and self-imposed barriers that are blocking your spiritual growth. 

Through meditation, spiritual healing and life choice changes, we begin to reconnect you with your soul, your divine blueprint and your spirit guides who have agreed to work with you in this lifetime. 


Through spiritual coaching you will know that you are love and that you are loved. You will learn about and begin to stay centered in the heart space and how to be love in everything that you do. 

We will work on gratitude, joy, grace and peace. These are building blocks of a happy and prosperous life. 

You will move from lack consciousness to prosperity consciousness.

You may be uncertain about who or what spirituality is, working with a spiritual coach can help identify your beliefs and reconnect you with your spirituality. We reconnect you to your spirit pathways, mother earth and the universe.

Your Spiritual Coach can help reconnect you with your soul and your divine inner wisdom. Together you will be building the foundation of a better tomorrow for yourself, your family and the world you live in. 


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing helps to transform mind, body and soul. During spiritual healing we will be healing and/or removing emotional wounds, old outdated beliefs and physical imbalances. 

During a Spiritual Healing session, you will be taken to a place of relaxation this allows the healing energies to flow and remove that which no longer serves your highest good.

We will work on clearing mental and emotional patterns and beliefs through chakra healing. Chakras are energy centers in the body that receive, assimilate and transmit life force energy (chi or prana) to the organs and glands that they work with. We work to ensure that each chakra is healthy and vibrant, clearing and balancing the chakras and helping it spin smoothly. 

We will reconnect the gridline and energy meridians of the physical body to the universal grid lines and meridians, and the grid lines and meridians of Mother Earth. We will activate the spin points in the physical body, spin points are located in every cell, tissue and organ of the physical body. As we activate these spin points we are introducing a primitive type of light cell into the body, through this work physical body begins to rebuild itself to the divine blueprint. 


Reiki is a simple, yet powerful Eastern Medicine healing technique. According to the National Institutes of Health, Reiki is classified as “Bio-field Medicine”, which involves systems that use subtle energy fields in and around the body for medical purposes.” Reiki has been in use in the United States since the 1930’s. Reiki is a touch therapy and relaxation technique and one of the fastest growing forms of Energy Medicine around the world.

Reiki uses non- invasive techniques, which encourages the relaxation response. The “relaxation response,” can diminish anxiety, pain, nausea and fatigue, and can enhance the healing process. The physiological changes resulting from the “relaxation response” can boost the function of the immune system and increase a sense of well-being.

Reiki can relieve pain and acute problems quite rapidly. Whatever manifests itself physically also has components on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.