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Lloyd Runkle - Classes and Workshops

Lloyd teaches many classes and workshops at Etheric Connections. I AM available to come to your site to teach any of the classes that I offers at Etheric Connections. Please contact Etheric Connections for details. 717-968-4241 or ethericconnections@ethericconnections.com

Classes and Workshops by Lloyd

  • Angelic Light Weaving
  • Ascended Master teachings
  • Axiatonal Alignment
  • Chakras 101
  • Crystal Grids
  • Crystal Healing
  • Crystal Skulls
  • Energy Healing Class
  • Meditation
  • Prosperity Consciousness
  • Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher
  • Spirit Animals


Magnetic Unruffling

Etheric Field Restructuring

Etheric cord release Session

If you often feel drained or low on energy, you feel that you can’t move forward from a past relationship. You feel stuck in your job or you feel like you must take care of everyone around you. You may have Etheric Cords that need to be cleared and removed. We all have etheric cords that connect us to the people around us. 

Not all cords are holding you back, the cords that connect you to your spouse, your children, your family are cords that come from a place of love and keep you moving forward in a heart centered way. These are the cords that are in alignment with your highest good.


Too often these cords keep us connected to energy from the past and to unhealthy emotions. We may be connected to past relationships, past ideas and beliefs. These etheric cords can make us feel stuck, they may be cords to a past job, a past lover, they may be connected to your mother or father, your brother or sister. You may be feeling trapped by societies beliefs or family imprints and patterns. Etheric Cords are connecting you to all of these and more. 

These cords are connected to our chakras and as we begin to heal and move on to the next step in the journey, we have to release the emotions connected to past events and traumas and remove the cords to fully step into the best possible version of you. 

At Etheric Connections we remove cords, we never cut them. When you cut a cord, the roots remain, and just like a tree, the cords will continue to grow from the foundational root structure that was left behind.  

During a cord release session, we will clear and balance the chakras, we will begin cleaning, repairing and removing the etheric cords from each chakra. Many cords can be present at each chakra, it may take multiple sessions to work through all the layers of cords that you have accumulated during your lifetime. The cords can become entangled and may have you feeling like you are being constricted. This is where we begin, this is where you become the conscious creator of your life. 

The session is interactive, and you will be talked through your part of the process. All cord release sessions are done in Love. You will be working with me, your spirit guides and the angelic realm to remove and heal the patterns that are holding you back. 

Cords can be formed just by thinking a conscious thought of another person. They can be formed while having conversations with others. They can form to people that you haven’t met in this lifetime, everyone and everything is energy, if we think of someone long enough cords will begin to connect you to them.

Together we will identify the most important cords to release first; these are the cords that have been holding you back for the longest time. 

Symptoms you may have if you have cords to release. 


  1. You can’t stop thinking about someone 
  2. You can’t stop living in the past
  3. You don’t know who you are
  4. You don’t know why you are here, your lost in the belief’s others have of you
  5. You feel emotionally drained after spending time with someone
  6. You have a general lack of energy that can’t be explained
  7. You have a feeling of being lost

Please contact Etheric Connections to schedule a consultation with Lloyd and an Etheric Cord Release Session. 


ethericconnections@ethericconnections.com– 717-968-4241 Etheric Cord Release Session

Emotional Release Session