What is Angelic Light Weaving?

Angelic Light Weaving is a Spiritual Healing modality which uses healing energy transmitted through the Angelic Realm. It is encoded with information containing sacred geometry, symbols, colors and shapes. These symbols, colors and shapes are known as Light Language.

Angelic Light Weaving is Etheric/Energy Field Restructuring. It encompasses all that you are and all that you ever will be. It is used to clear fear, anger, resentment, energetic blockages and dis-ease from the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. It can be used to restore, rebalance and align the energy of one’s aura.

Angelic Light Weaving can be used to clear physical spaces in which you work, in your home or even hotels when vacationing. It can also be used to enhance vitamins or medication, clearing stones or crystals, blessing food and sending healing energies to the Earth.

Angelic Light Weaving can be used to receive messages from spirit about current, future and past life events that are affecting you during this incarnation.

Angelic Light Weaving can be used for in-person or distant healing sessions, in fact it can be used as a daily practice to light weave for the ascension of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

How does it work?

During a healing session, 5th dimensional energy, symbols, colors and shapes are woven into a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual bodies when they receive light weaving. The light weaving energies emanating from the light weavers hands and fingertips, breaking through barriers of language, time and space. The Light Weaver is a vessel for the Angelic energy to flow through to the person receiving the healing session.

This is sacred and holy work, the Light Weaver and the recipient are both incarnations of the Divine and the Divine energy is flowing into, through and around all involved.

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Angelic Light Weaving February 15, 2020

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