Lloyd Runkle Spiritual Coaching and Healing

Lloyd is a Spiritual Alchemist

What is a Spiritual Alchemist? 

Spiritual Alchemist are embodied at this time assisting humanity in transforming their dreams into reality. When working with a Spiritual Alchemist you become an apprentice in manifesting spiritual and physical prosperity and abundance in your own life. 

Lloyd is an Ordained Priest, a crystal shepherd, a light worker, teacher and ascension guide. He had a dream of having a healing center for several years. Together with his beloved they created Etheric Connections Crystal Shop and Healing Center. 

Spiritual Coaching and Healing 

 What is a Spiritual Coaching and Healing session? We look at what brought you to today, then we will look at what we will work on together to bring you into alignment with your divine Self.   Using energy healing techniques to begin healing that which is holding you back. We will together, look for the transformational healing that happens when we align with our soul purpose and our divine plan. Through Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment, Sound Healing and Crystal Healing we will work together to heal the physical, mental and emotional wounds that are holding you back from becoming the best version of you today. We may work with cord release, emotional release, magnetic unruffling, color therapy. I may prepare a meditation for you to use daily until our next session, together we will discover the keys that will help you live your best life today.

Lloyd is a Crystal Shepherd and Light Worker, he listens to the crystals and the messages received from the persons energy body that he is working with. The physical body has many energetic grid lines and meridians that can be accessed through the subtle energy body. When the crystals are placed on these grid lines and meridians the healing energy of the crystal is connected and moved throughout the energy body to where it is needed.

Lloyd uses a clear quarts wand to activate the spin points and reconnect the physical body to the etheric, universal and earth grids. This activation of light reunites the physical body with a long forgotten energy that is waiting to meet us where we are right now. During a crystal healing session, you will become a part of a living crystal grid. 

The crystals are coming to the surface of mother earth to help us heal and transform the many lifetimes of Karma that we have collected as reincarnated beings.

Lloyd Runkle


Spiritual Coaching and Energy Healing

15 mins - $40.00 

30 mins - $70.00  

60 mins - $125.00


Mondays 10AM-1PM

Wednesdays 3PM-7PM

Thursdays 10AM-1PM